Professional Team

Li-teh Hsu

Education: Honorary Ph.D. of Laws, University of Victoria, Canada
          Master in Public Administration, Harvard University

Experience: Chairman, Global Investment Holdings Co., Ltd.
                  Chairman, China Investment & Development Co., Ltd.
                  Chairman, Grand Cathay Venture Capital Co., Ltd.
                  Chairman, Grand Cathay Venture Capital II Co., Ltd.

                           Chairman, Grand Cathay Venture Capital III Co., Ltd.
                  Chairman, China Aviation Development Foundation
                  Senior Advisor to the President of the Republic of China
                  Vice Premier, Executive Yuan
                  Chairman, Council for Economic Planning and Development, Executive Yuan
                  Chairman, Central Investment Holding
                  Minister of Finance, ROC
                  Minister of Economic Affairs, ROC

Experience and Skills
Li-teh Hsu has served in an official capacity for more than 30 years, overseeing the formulation and implementation of Taiwan's major fiscal policies, as well as directing Taiwan's shift from an export processing-oriented economy to an advanced high-tech economy. He has made outstanding contributions to the modernization and internationalization of Taiwan's capital markets, the establishment of its high-tech industry, and the introduction of new technologies. In addition, Mr. Hsu has an extensive network of industry, government, and academic contactsmaking him one of the few figures in Taiwan's financial circles with comprehensive governmental experience and business management skills.

C.C. Wu, Chairman

Education: Ph.D. in Engineering, Tokyo University
        Master in Chemistry, Tokyo University
        Bachelor in Chemistry, National Cheng Kung University

Experience: Chairman, CIDC Consultants Inc.
          General Manager, Tasco Chemical
          Chairman, Excel Chemical Corporation
          General Manager, Taiwan Styrene Polymer
Experience and Skills:
1. Mr. Wu has worked in the petrochemical field for more than thirty years, founding Taiwan's first private sector LPG distributor. He achieved remarkable success with Tasco Chemical and Excel Chemical Corporation, directing Taiwan Styrene Polymer's production process and turning a loss-making venture into a profitable business. He received a 1982 Chemical Engineering Prize and the Executive Yuan's Outstanding Technologist Prize. He is one of the few businesspersons in Taiwan with a solid theoretical background and practical experience.

2. Since the founding of CIDC, he has served as its chairman, directing the company's investment strategy and direction, and enabling it to achieve robust growth. He has earned a remarkable NT$6.25 billion in capital gains for shareholders.

Edward Chang, President

Education: Ph.D. in Bacteriology, University of Wisconsin

Experience: President CIDC Consultants Inc.
         President, China Investment and Development Co., Ltd.
         President, Grand Cathay Venture Capital
         President, Grand Cathay Venture Capital II

                           President, Grand Cathay Venture Capital III
         Chairman, MAXIGEN Biotech, Inc.
         Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, ScinoPharm Biotechnology Ltd.
         Vice President, Development Center of Biotechnology
         R&D Director, Applied Microbiology Inc.
         Associate Investigator, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
            Post-Doctoral Fellow, Harvard University Medical School

Experience and Skills
1. A well-known expert in genetic and cell immunology scientist, he received numerous fellowships from the National Cancer Institute for outstanding research. He was also awarded by the Taiwanese government's Executive Yuan for outstanding contribution in applied science and biotechnology.
2. Besides his achievement in academia, he has extensive knowledge in the global biotechnology industry and maintains a broad range of personal contacts and networking in industry as well as academia.
3.In the past he was involved in the establishment of many Taiwan's biotech industrial developmental strategies, serving on the board of committee of several important national projects.
4.In addition, he made contributions in the private industry. He founded several biotech companies and served a wide-range of positions including, COO, CEO, board member, and chairman. His extensive experience allowed him to accomplish a number of industrial restructuring projects and to successfully assist some state-owned companies in their transformation into modern biotech companies.

Sandy Lee, Senior Vice President

Education: Master in Economics, San Jose State University

Experience: Assistant Manager, Yong-Yu Consultants, Ltd.
         Account Manager, CIDC Consultants Inc.
         Stock Analyst, International Division, KGI Securities
         Project Manager, Industrial Technology Research Institute,Electron Research and Service

Experience and Skills
1. Ms. Lee has more than 14 years of experience in the securities and venture capital businesses. She has established a broad range of potential project leads and personal contacts in the high-tech industry, research institutions, other venture capital firms, stock brokerages, and investment consultants.

2. Ms. Lee has performed due diligence on more than 200 investment projects in the semiconductor, optoelectronics, and IT/electronics industries. She has invested in more than 20 companies, with more than ten completing successful public listings.

3. She has served on the board of directors and supervisors in investee companies as part of post-investment management, assisting in the business management of these investee companies.

James Fu, Chief Strategist, IT Industry
Education: Master in Electrical Engineering, University of North Carolina

Experience: General Manager, British Telecom, Taiwan Branch Office
             Consultant, Peace Systems Integration Co., Ltd/Board Member, Loop Telecommunication International,
             Technology Consultant,Catalyst VC/Vincera Ventures/ Chi Sheng Investment
          Assistant Sales Manager, Cameo Communications
          Sales Account Manager, NCR Taiwan
          System Architect, IBM

Experience and Skills
1. In 1993, James Fu founded British Telecom's Taiwan subsidiary, serving as its first general manager, in charge of overseeing its operations. Later, he served as head supervisor of Asia-Pacific region manufacturing industry sales at British Telecom's Asia-Pacific regional headquarters. He also served as assistant sales manager at Cameo Communications in charge of marketing for the Asia-Pacific region.

2. Mr. Fu has a wealth of technical expertise, as well as marketing and management experience in multinational corporations in the telecommunications, networking, and IT industries.

Biotechnology Field
Alice Chen, Vice President
Ita Lu, Manager

Electronics/IT Field
Brian Tsai, Manager
Mandy Chen, Manager

Fred Chia, Manager
Samson Huang, Manager

Professional Consultants

 Y.C. Luo
Current Position: Consultant, Philips Electronics, N.V.
Experience: General Manager, Philips Electronic Building Elements (Taiwan) Ltd.
                 President and CEO, Philips Electronics Taiwan
                 President and CEO, Philips Components, Asia Pacific B.U.
                 Member of the Board of Management, Philips Electronics, N.V.,
                 Endhoven, Netherlands
                 Consultant of Board of Management, Philips Electronics, N.V.

Chintay Shih
Cathedra professor & Master of Institute of Technology Management, National Tsing Hua University

Experience:  Member of National Infrastructure & Communication Initiative Steering Committee of Executive Yuan
                President of Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)
                Chairman of the Taiwan Semiconductor Industry Association,
                Chairman of the Chinese Society for Management of Technology
                Managing director of the Taiwan Electrical and Electronics Manufactures' Association

                     Vice President and General Director, ERSO/ITRI

                      Senior Research Engineer, Burroughs Corp

Eric G.H. Lean
Current Position: Fellow, Academia Sinica
                       Consultant, Industrial Technology Research Institute
                       Fellow, IEEE (also given as "Electronic Society of America" by proofreader)
                       Fellow, Optical Society of America
                       Fellow, The Photonics Society of Chinese Americans
                       Chairman, International United Technology Co., Ltd.

Experience:     General Director, Opto-Electronics and Systems Laboratories (OES)
                           Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, Stanford University

William T.Chai. 
Consultant, Industrial Technology Investment Corporation

Experience: President, Industrial Technology Investment Corporation

                       Vice President, First Taiwan Investment Banking Group

                        Project Manager, Taiwan Telecommunication Industry Company

                       28 years of working experience in the fields of investment, strategic planning, quality assurance and product  


                       Solid understanding of high-tech assessment and new venture formation

Steve Lp. 
Senior VP, Taigen Biotech Inc.

Experience: President /Founder, CytoMed Inc. Now Millennium Pharmaceutical Inc.

                        President /Founder, American Biogenetic Science Inc

                        VP, T Cell Science Inc.

                        VP, Business Development, Matritech Inc.

                        Manager of Marketing, Ortho Chemical Inc.

                        Manager of Research, Johnson & Johnson

                        Adjunct Associate Professor, Columbia University Medical School

                       Staff Fellow-University of Pennsylvania, Medical School

                       Over 25 years experience in starting and Managing Public and private biotech company.