Founding Mission
Global Investment Holdings is a company that possesses the capabilities of an investment bank. Our main lines of businesses are: (1) direct investment, (2) financial advisory, (3) venture capital, and (4) asset management. The company maintains a paid-in capital of NT$1.75 billion. Since its founding in 1988, the company has positioned itself as a provider of financial services to industries with prospects and technologies, as well as to participate in business management, and create wealth for investors. In keeping with this business model, Global Investment Holdings hopes to achieve sustained growth and emerges as a comprehensive investment firm, providing the greatest value and growth prospects.

We are deeply proud of the fact that up to the present we have been able to preserve the spirit that existed at our founding-facing the challenges with discreetness, not content to rest on our laurels. The advent of the new century brings about new challenges. We will however remain faithful to our credo of "integrity, professionalism, sharing"-creating the greatest value through a win-win-win scenario for customers, shareholders, and employees. This profile will assist you in coming to a better understanding of Global Investment Holding's past achievements, its current endeavors, and its future development directions. We now invite you to get acquainted with us so we can get started to shape a beautiful future together.

Prioritize customer needs, take a pragmatic approach, and keep promises.

Maintain professional standards, focus on quality, and seek innovation.

Grow together with our customers, share gains with employees.

A company's long-term business results should be the best validation of its original business philosophy and spirit.
We are deeply proud of the fact: that we have never been shaken in our commitment.