Financial Advisory Services

To provide both local and foreign enterprises with timely required advisory services on financial planning, project finance, M&A and privatization schemes by state-owned enterprises.

Major Business Unit: Global Financial Services Co., Ltd.

Venture Capital

In the spirit of professionalism and integrity, our team was established. Thorough understanding of high-tech industry trends and skillful use of industry contacts enable us to play the role of an intermediary for accessing capital, technology, and talent. On one hand, investment gains can be created, on the other, needed capital and other forms of assistance can be provided to industries-creating a win-win situation.

Major Business Unit: Prudence Capital Management Ltd. Website”G
China Investment & Development Co., Ltd.Website”G

Asset Management 

GIH designs novel investment solutions For institutions and wealthy individuals by integrating products and technologies from internationally recognized asset-management firms and investment banks. GIH tailors investment strategy to individual need.

Major Business Unit : Prudence International Advisory Ltd..