Li-teh Hsu Chang-Pang Chang
Education: Honorary Ph.D. of Laws, University of Victoria, Canada
Master in Public Administration, Harvard University
Education: Master of Laws, National Cheng-chi University
Current Position: Chairman, Global Investment Holdings Co., Ltd.
Chairman, Prudence Venture Investment Corp.
Chairman,prudence Capital Mgt. Ltd.Chairman,CIDC
Current Position:

President, Global Investment Holding Co., LTD.

Chairman, Global Management Inc. 

Experience: Chairman, China Aviation Development Foundation
Senior Advisor to the President of the Republic of China
Vice Premier, Executive Yuan
Chairman, Council for Economic Planning and Development, Executive Yuan
Chairman, Central Investment Holding Corp.
Minister of Finance
Minister of Economic Affairs

Chairman, Fuhwa Financial Holding Co., LTD.

Chairman, Fuhwa Securities Finance Co., LTD.

Deputy Minister, Ministry of Economic Affairs

Deputy Secretary General, Executive Yuan

Vice Minister, Ministry of Finance

Chairman, Securities and Exchange Commission, Ministry of Finance 

James Chi-Heng Hsu Liang Chang
Education: MS, Sloan school, MIT Education: Ph.D. in Economics, State University of New York, Albany
Current Position: General Manager Current Position:

Vice Chairman, Global Financial Services Co., Ltd.
Chairman, Jardine Matheson (Taiwan)
Chairman, Asia Pacific Energy Development Co., Ltd.
Chairman, Hsin Yu Energy Development Co., Ltd.
Experience: President, Global International Advisory (H.K) Ltd.(to be set up)
President,TYS Investment Consulting Co.,Taiwan
Vice President,International Investment Trust Co., Ltd.,Taiwan
Marketing Manager,Grand Cathay Securities Investment Trust Co
Experience: Managing Director, Lehman Brothers Inc. (Taiwan)
Member of the Board of Directors, International Securities Investment Trust
Member of the Board of Directors, Grand Cathay Securities Corp.
Secretary General, Financial Executives Institutes of the R.O.C.
General Manager, Bankers Trust Corp., Taipei Branch
Vice President, Bankers Trust Corp.

Edward Chang Sandy Lee
Education: Ph.D. in Bacteriology, University of Wisconsin Education: Master in Economics, San Jose State University
Current Position: General Manager, China Investment & Development Co., Ltd.
General Manager, CIDC Consultants Inc.
General Manager, Grand Cathay Venture Capital Co., Ltd.
General Manager, Grand Cathay Venture Capital II Co., Ltd.
Current Position:

Senior Vice Pregident, CIDC Consultants Inc.
Experience: Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, ScinoPharm Biotechnology Ltd.
Vice President, Development Center of Biotechnology 
Working Team Member, National Science Council, National Science and Technology Program for Agricultural Biotechnology
R&D Director, Applied Microbiology Inc.
Associate Investigator, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Adjunct Associate Professor, New York University
Post-Doctoral Fellow, Medical School, Harvard University
Experience: Manager, CIDC Consultants Inc.
Research Analyst, China Securities Co., Ltd.
Project Manager, Industrial Technology Research Institute, Electron Research and Service Organization

  Allen Bah
Education:   Education: MBA: University of California
Current Position:   Current Position:

Executive Vice President , Global Investment Holdings Co. Ltd
Experience:   Experience: Executive  Vice President  Wearne USA Inc Senior Advisor ,CIFAR institute  at University of California , Davis 

Bank of America ( North America Division) , Strategic Planning Department , & International Banking Division 

Meat Marwick & Mitchell ( Small Business Advisory Group 

Education:   Education:  
Current Position:   Current Position:  





C. W. Cheng William T.Chai
Education: Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Iowa State,USA Education: EMBA, National Cheng-Chi University
Current Position:

Senior Consultant of Lippo Group, Indonesia

Chief Executive Officer of AcrossAsia Limited, IPO company in Hong Kong Market  

Current Position: Consultant, Industrial Technology Investment Corporation

Chief Executive Officer of Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks

Chief Operation Officer of Philips China

Executive Vice President of Philips Taiwan  


President, Industrial Technology Investment Corporation

Vice President, First Taiwan Investment Banking Group

Project Manager, Taiwan Telecommunication Industry Company  

 28 years of working experience in the fields of investment, strategic planning, quality assurance and product  


Solid understanding of high-tech assessment and new venture formation


Education:   Education:  
Current Position:   Current Position:  
Experience:   Experience:  

Education:   Education:  
Current Position:
  Current Position:  
Experience:   Experience:  

.Professional Consultants      

Y.C. Lo Eric G.H. Lean
Education Bachelor in Physics, National Cheng Kung University Education: Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, Stanford University
Current Position:
Senior Advisor to Global Investment Holdings Group Current Position: Chairman, International United Technology Co., Ltd.
Experience: Consultant to the Board of Management, Philips Electronics, N.V.
Member of the Board of Management, Philips Electronics, N.V., Endhoven, Netherlands
President and CEO, Philips Components, Asia Pacific B.U.
President and CEO, Philips Electronics Taiwan
General Manager, Philips Electronic Building Element Ind., Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Experience: Fellow, Academia Sinica
Consultant, Industrial Technology Research Institute
Fellow, IEEE
Fellow, Optical Society of America
Fellow, The Photonics Society of Chinese Americans
General Director, Opto-Electronics and Systems Laboratories (OES)
Department Manager, Storage Technologies, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center

Chintay Shih  
Education: Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, Princeton University, USA    
Current Position: Cathedra professor & Master of Institute of Technology Management, National Tsing Hua University    

Member of National Infrastructure & Communication Initiative Steering Committee of Executive Yuan
President of Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)

Chairman of the Taiwan Semiconductor Industry Association,
Chairman of the Chinese Society for Management of Technology
Managing director of the Taiwan Electrical and Electronics Manufactures' Association

Vice President and General Director, ERSO/ITRI

Senior Research Engineer, Burroughs Corp